We offer 3 different sizes to satisfy all the different crab lovers. Our small mediums run 5”-5 1/2”. Our Choptank larges are 5 1/2” – 6 1/2” and our Wye River XL/Jumbos are anything 6 1/2” and larger.

The fullness and weight of crabs vary from bushel to bushel making it impossible to say with certainty. It’s always realistic to assume a few crabs per doz could be light with the likelihood increasing with the small mediums.

Since we believe in the true Maryland way our crabs come hot and fresh to you in old fashioned bushel baskets. The baskets when filled hold varying amounts depending on the size of crabs ordered. To help you plan your next get together we have provided an average crab count for each size.

Small Medium
1/2 bushel- 4 doz
Full Bushel- 7 1/2- 8 doz

Choptank Large
1/2 bushel- 3 doz
Full Bushel – 6 doz

Wye River monsters
1/2 bu – 2-2 1/2 doz
Full bushel – 4-4 1/2 doz

We cast a wide net in an effort to provide our customers with the best value buys on blue crabs. Bringing you not only the best Maryland crabs but the best that the gulf coast and the Carolina’s.