Play It Forward

10984479_10206512277152657_843413333475544492_nShe’s Got Crabs donated toward the Taylor’s Tribe- Play it Forward. <br> Taylor’s Tribe – Play it Forward is a non-profit community based organization in the Hereford Zone of Maryland. This local organization was established in 2006 when Taylor Cunningham, then a senior at Hereford High was killed in an automobile accident. Taylor was a loving, active and beloved member of the Hereford community. The “Play it Forward” day was established to honor Taylor, create a communal day of fun for the Hereford Zone and to raise funds in support of the Taylor Cunningham Memorial Scholarship Fund. To date, the Scholarship Fund has awarded 20 scholarships totaling over $70,000.00 to Hereford High Seniors headed to college who have a financial need and who have had strong involvement in the community.