She’s Got Crabs Gives Back

unnamedShe’s Got Crabs donated a 3 dozen sm/med crabs gift certificate for the  York Chapter of Not One More, Inc. fundraiser.

It is a newly founded non-profit organization that was formed for the purpose of providing awareness, education and support to those affected by drug abuse and addiction.

In an effort to raise funds to begin their mission, they held a Thirty-one Bag Bingo on April 19, 2015 at the Eureka Fire Company in Stewartstown, PA.

Carol Frey of Brogue ,PA won she is a HUGE crab lover her and her family go crabbing a lot so she was so happy she won !!!

Congrats, Carol! Enjoy your crabs!

awareness and education throughout our schools and neighborhoods by holding various community events.



[Survey Saturday]

We have started the process of painting our crab shells to sell at our Christmas shop later this fall/winter between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have had a few requests so far and wanted to survey our customers to make sure we have what you want when you come in. So far we have had requests for Orioles, Ravens, Steelers, Broncos…89 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

{Tell us. What designs would you like to see?}

Happy Fall!


It’s Officially Fall TONIGHT! Happy Fall! While, the season in MD is generally May to October/November, the later in the season the better the crabs! Leaving fall to be the best time to eat and buy Maryland blue crabs!

Crabs are fatter at this time of year and more plentiful in mid-Bay waters. And the best part CHEAPER!!

While most of you probably think of crabs is more of a summer thing, because of the warmer temperatures to sit on your deck and eat crabs. THINK about eating crabs sometime this FALL!

{What is your favorite season? Why?}

Love returning CRAB FEASTS!

Thanks to Paula for an awesome review on yelp! We love positive feedback from our crab feasts! Look forward to working with you again next year!! THANK YOU!

“Last year was the first year we had She’s Got Crabs prepare the crabs for our annual crab feast. By popular demand we had them return this year to steam on site. Many compliments were received and our guests requested we have them return again next year. The crabs were full, seasoned just right and steaming hot! Another fine job. Thank you again for making our annual fund raiser a success with serving such delicious crabs! I would highly recommend you give them a try.”


[TREES TUESDAYS] Umm… some of you may ask what does She’s Got Crabs have to do with TREES? Here’s a hint… IT’s 100 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS??
She’s Got Crabs (or She’s Got Fir) will be selling Christmas trees this year between Thanksgiving until Christmas! We will also have a little Christmas shop with Christmas gifts, ornaments and stocking stuffers for the crab lovers in your life.

If you order a bushel of crabs between Thanksgiving and Christmas you will get a FREE TREE!

{What would you like to see available in our Christmas shop this November? Ornaments, koozies, tshirts, beer glasses? Tell us!}

Great Crab Feast Review!

Thanks for a great review on Google, Rianna!

“My husband and I wanted to have a crab feast for our reception. We ordered 7 bushels and corn for the event. The staff was very accommodating, delivering half the bushels at the beginning and the rest half through the event, so they would be nice and hot. They also provided mallets at no extra cost. I was really worried about the quality of the crabsbeforehand, having had some horrible ones earlier in the summer in OC. They were awesome! So heavy and delicious. Everyone made sure to tell us how good they were and how much they enjoyed them. Brian even set aside a large bag for my husband and I that had crabs that were a bit bigger than the other bushels!”


[CRAB FEAST FRIDAY] This weekend we have two different crabs feasts! Crab Feasts are great for an organization fundraiser or a celebration such as a wedding, retirement or work anniversary party! Feasts are a great way to raise substantial money for your organization while providing a bonding opportunity for members. This may be a major event for your organization so naturally you would like it to be great! You want to hire a reputable seafood company with years of experience.


{Who is going to start thinking about having a crab feast next year?}


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